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TMJ Treatment in Houston, TX

TMJ Treatment

The temporomandibular joint performs crucial functions and connects the jawbone to the skull on both sides of the face. While TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, TMD stands for temporomandibular disorder.

The temporomandibular joint supports movement and flexibility but is also prone to injury and malfunction. If you’re considering getting TMJ treatment, please contact our reliable dentist near you for a consultation.

What to Know About the Temporomandibular Joint?

The temporomandibular joint is made up of several smaller muscles and allows us to smile, yawn, chew, speak and smile and works all day long to support these functions. Like other active joints in the body, the TMJ is prone to inflammation, swelling, and pain.

The muscles that make up the temporomandibular joint may become misaligned or weak, or the patient may experience the restricted motion of the jaw. For example, your jaw may hurt or feel uncomfortable when you laugh or bite hard foods.

If this is the case, our trained dentist in Houston, TX, can assist with diagnosis and treatment.

Why Do You Need TMJ Treatment?

If the following symptoms persist, please book an appointment at Polish Dentistry for an evaluation.

TMJ symptoms could include:

  1. Difficulty in opening or closing the jaw
  2. Discomfort and pain on the sides of the jawbone
  3. Discomfort while chewing or speaking
  4. Dull, intermittent, or sharp pain on either side of the facial muscles

Our highly skilled team will use advanced 3D technology for detailed images of the facial and jaw muscles. Once we diagnose the root cause, we will determine the most suitable TMJ treatment for your needs.

Types of TMJ Treatments

Depending on the cause and degree of discomfort, our experienced dentist may prescribe muscle relaxants, painkillers, or dental splints to align the temporomandibular joint. We may also recommend warm or ice pack massages or exercises that promote flexibility and mobility of the jaw.

Another option if jaw muscles are the reason for TMJ is for the dentist to apply a dose of BOTOX or similar to those jaw muscles. The chemical has the effect of relaxing the tense muscles, thus providing temporary relief from pain and stiffness associated with TMJ.

If your TMJ problem is due to teeth grinding, we may fit you with customized mouthguards. If the problem requires extensive correction, our trained dentist at Polish Dentistry may perform TMJ surgery for pain relief.

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