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Sedation Dentistry in Houston, TX

Sedation Dentistry in Houston, TX

Sedation Dentistry

Why Do You Need Sedation Dentistry?

One of the reasons why patients skip visiting a dentist is because of fear. They worry about the drills on their teeth, the needles for injecting numbing agents, and the cleanings of root canals. However, your experience at our dental clinic in Houston, TX does have to be troublesome. We use sedation dentistry at Polish Dentistry to help you remain calm and at ease while getting your dental procedure.

Our sedation dentistry focuses on ensuring safety while enhancing your experience in our dental clinic. Our dentist in Houston, TX will choose the most suitable sedation based on your anxiety levels, preferences, and medical history. Your sedation will also depend on the duration of a dental procedure takes. We recommend sedation to those who:

  • Have anxiety
  • Have extremely sensitive gag reflex
  • Are unable to control movement
  • Have special needs – cognitive, physical, and behavioral
  • Have very sensitive teeth
  • Have a fear of needles
  • Don’t respond effectively to local anesthesia

Process of Getting Sedation Dentistry

You should discuss sedation options with our dentist in 77006 at Polish Dentistry if you have an upcoming dental procedure. We want you to remain calm and relaxed during your procedure. Our dentist recommends laughing gas if you need mild to moderate sedation. We use this inhaled sedative when performing procedures such as root canal therapy, veneers, tooth extraction, fillings, or dental implants.

Our dentist may use oral sedation when performing wisdom teeth extractions, root canals, and treatment for dry sockets and infections. With conscious or oral sedation, you may remain asleep, but you may be able to hear and communicate with the dentist. Another type is IV sedation, which our dentist in Midtown, Houston, TX delivers to the bloodstream using an IV line. IV sedation makes you fall asleep. Therefore, you don’t realize what is happening during the procedure. Once you wake up, you have no memory of the treatment.

Get Sedation Dentistry Near You

Contact us at Polish Dentistry to learn more about sedation dentistry and why you need it. Our dentist will walk you through the options available in our dental clinic in Houston, TX.

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