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Oral Surgery in Houston, TX

Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

When we come to our dentist in Houston, TX, you usually know what to expect. A routine exam or cleaning may need a tooth pulled, or we’re getting our teeth whitened. However, when we hear the words “oral surgery,” that can be a bit intimidating. However, most patients may not know that oral surgery is not nearly as complicated or as scary as you might think. Advancements in technology for both detecting problems and administering treatment have advanced greatly. Oral surgery can often mean correcting an oral health issue and losing teeth or damaging your mouth. There is a wide range of reasons why oral surgery may be necessary.

What is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery isn’t always something incredibly complicated. Some tooth extractions require oral surgery because the tooth is buried in the gum or has created a problem that needs to be addressed surgically.

Oral surgery also includes other things that benefit patients over the long term. For example, dental implants have to be installed surgically. The titanium posts for the prosthetic tooth are grafted into the jawbone, which requires surgery.

Surgery can also correct problems like a cleft lip, cleft palate, and even ankyloglossia or being tongue-tied. Some things can be performed using mild sedation, while other operations require the patient to be put under.

How Oral Surgery Has Gotten Better

Oral surgery isn’t nearly as big a deal as it used to be. The recovery time and aftercare are sometimes minimal thanks to new technology like laser dentistry. Lasers are much more precise and perform delicate operations without damaging the tissue in the surrounding area. They also help by disinfecting and sealing wounds, meaning less bleeding and healing time.

Dental imaging technology has also improved in recent years, where dentists can pinpoint issues more quickly and with greater accuracy than old-fashioned x-rays and impressions. This has led to faster and more effective treatment, with better outcomes for most patients.

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