Gum Disease Treatment

Gum Disease in Houston, TX

Gum Disease in Houston, TX

Gum Disease

Gum disease or periodontal disease, is a quite common condition marked by inflammation and infection of the gums. It starts with the accumulation of plaque, a sticky film of bacteria, along the gumline. Without proper oral hygiene, this plaque can harden into tartar, leading to inflammation, bleeding gums, and eventual gum recession. In advanced stages, gum disease can even result in tooth loss. Detecting and addressing gum disease early is crucial for avoiding further damage to oral health.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Our practice offers effective non-surgical interventions tailored to manage mild to moderate cases of gum disease. These treatments encompass:

Professional Dental Cleaning: Our skilled dental hygienists in Houston, TX, will perform a thorough cleaning to take out plaque and tartar from above and below the gum line, reducing inflammation and preventing further damage.

Scaling and Root Planing: This deep cleaning procedure involves meticulously removing plaque and tartar deposits beneath the gum line and levelling the root surfaces to foster gum tissue healing and attachment.

Antibiotic Therapy: In select cases, our dentists may prescribe antibiotics to combat bacterial infections and diminish gum inflammation in the gums.

Surgical Treatments

In advanced stages of gum disease, surgical intervention may be necessary to prevent tooth loss and restore gum health. Our experienced dentists offer a range of surgical treatments, including:

Gum Grafting: Gum Grafting involves transplanting tissue from another area within the mouth or utilizing donor tissue to envelop exposed tooth roots, addressing gum recession and restoring gum tissue integrity.

Pocket Reduction Surgery: Flap surgery involves lifting the gums to remove tartar deposits and reduce the depth of gum pockets, making it easier to clean and maintain oral hygiene.

Bone Grafting: In severe bone loss due to gum disease, bone grafting may be necessary to regenerate lost bone and support the teeth.

Advantages of Gum Disease Treatment

Seeking treatment for gum disease offers numerous benefits, including:

Preservation of Natural Teeth: Treating gum disease helps to halt the progression of the condition, reducing the risk of tooth loss and preserving your natural teeth.

Improved Oral Health: By addressing gum disease, you can improve the total health of your mouth, reducing inflammation, bleeding, and discomfort.

Enhanced Smile Aesthetics: Gum disease treatment can help restore your smile’s appearance by reducing gum recession and improving the appearance of your gums.

Take the First Step Towards Healthier Gums

Ready to reclaim your smile and safeguard your oral health? Schedule your consultation with our dentist near you at Polish Dentistry to discover personalized gum disease treatments tailored to your needs. Invest in your smile today – because healthy gums are the cornerstone of a beautiful smile!

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