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Full Mouth Wellness Scan in Houston, TX

Full Mouth Wellness Scan

Full Mouth Wellness Scan

We all know the importance of routine dental exams for oral health. Our dentist in Houston recommends getting a routine exam at least twice yearly to catch any treatable or preventable issues and maintain your health. Thanks to advancements in dental technology, it is now possible to scan your entire mouth, teeth, gums, and even the position of your bite and create a highly detailed 3D image of all the biting surfaces and other areas.

A full-mouth wellness scan is a new type of diagnostic treatment that can take a detailed image of your entire mouth in a matter of minutes compared to a routine dental exam which can take an hour or longer.

What Are the Benefits of a Full Mouth Wellness Scan?

Most dentists now recommend that patients get a full mouth wellness scan at least once a year. By doing so, it is possible to identify and treat many issues that may otherwise go overlooked. While a traditional dental exam is important, the wellness scan can see all parts of the mouth at once and create a more detailed image. This makes it easier to look at even the most hard-to-reach spots of a patient’s mouth.

The scan uses an intraoral 3D scanner and a special device that rotates around the mouth and takes pictures of all biting surfaces and tissues possible. This ultimately allows our dentist in 77006 to diagnose potential health concerns more easily by giving them a more detailed view of the patient’s mouth.

Thanks to modern technology, it is also possible to manipulate these images to look for certain problems, isolate a particular issue, or identify issues that may have already gone unnoticed. A once-a-year scan is a great way to stay healthy.

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