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Digital Scanning

Part of the treatment process for patients often involves imaging technology. Most folks are familiar with x-rays and dental impressions. Still, in recent years the way that dentists take images of the mouth has not only changed drastically but has also improved how dentist does their job and how the patient experiences the process. One of the most important ways the technology has improved is through digital scanning using devices such as the iTero Digital Scanner. This handy piece of equipment has improved how your dental visit takes place.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Digital Scanning from iTero Digital Scanner?

There are many reasons our dentist in Houston, TX prefer using the iTero Digital Scanner over conventional methods:

1) Less Invasive

One of the downsides of traditional imaging technology is that it means getting direct images of the patient’s mouth. This can mean multiple x-rays or taking dental impressions several times. Both of these processes are incredibly invasive for the patient and can be highly inconvenient and off-putting, making the dental experience much more difficult than it should be.

The iTero Digital Scanner eliminates the need for messy dental impressions that use a special material placed over the patient’s teeth or the need for multiple x-rays to get a full picture of the patient’s mouth thanks to computer-enhanced digital images.

2) More Accurate

Thanks to the enhancement of computer technology, the iTero scanner is much more accurate than lower definition images of the mouth. This allows our dentist near you to pinpoint issues in the mouth, check for problems, and prescribe treatments more easily, especially in hard-to-see areas where things often go unnoticed.

This improves the overall patient experience and leads to better outcomes for patients in terms of catching problems early and getting the care they need.

3) More Efficient

Lastly, using the iTero Digital Scanner is faster and more effective than other means, leading to less time in the dental office for patients and quicker results for dentists, rather than spending large amounts of time running different diagnostic tests.

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