Dental Bridges Explanation

Dental Bridges in Houston, TX

Dental Bridges in Houston, TX

Dental Bridges

When you visit Polish Dentistry, you can trust that you’re getting the best dental bridges in Midtown, Houston, TX. We have dentists near you who can help restore your missing teeth using bridges, leaving you with a complete, beautiful smile.

Not only do bridges improve the appearance of your teeth, but they also restore their function. You will be able to eat the foods you want without fear of pain or discomfort.

If you have been searching for dental bridges near you, contact Polish Dentistry so we can schedule you with an appointment to meet our dentist in Houston, TX. Soon, you can enjoy the benefits that bridges provide for a healthier smile that lasts.

What are Dental Bridges?

Bridges are designed to fill in spaces or gaps between teeth. They are made from strong and durable compounds that look and function like real teeth. Our dentists bond your bridges between the teeth where the space is present.

How Long Do Dental Bridges Last?

Once secured in place, your bridge can last upwards of 15 years with proper care. Many patients report being able to speak more clearly after getting bridges, as lost teeth often affect speech.

Patients with missing teeth may even notice changes in their facial structure. Thanks to the benefits of dental bridges, you can prevent this and restore lost features.

Depending on the status of your oral health, you may need to have additional dental work completed before you can safely and comfortably get bridges. During your consultation, our dentist at 77006 will examine your teeth and mouth and discuss the best treatment plan based on your needs.

How Long Does Dental Bridges Treatment Take?

Dental bridges are a fast and effective treatment option that takes only a few days to complete. Our dentists will make a special mold and then send it to a technician to create your custom bridge. During this time, we will prepare your anchor teeth so that your new dental bridge fits comfortably and correctly.

Get Tooth Bridges Near You

If you are interested in getting dental bridges in Houston, TX, give us a call or schedule an appointment with us today. We will be happy to schedule a consultation with our dentist in Midtown, Houston, TX, to discuss your treatment options!

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