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Deep Cleanings in Houston, TX

Deep Cleanings

Deep Cleanings

We all know the dangers of tartar and plaque buildup around our teeth and gums. If too much of these substances build up, it raises the chances of developing gum disease. Bacteria is another major concern as well. That’s why getting routine dental cleanings is important. However, standard dental cleaning is not enough once gum disease advances past a certain point. That’s when a deep dental cleaning is necessary. Deep cleaning can make the difference between a periodontal disease that continues to advance to the point of tooth loss and stopping it in its tracks.

It’s important to talk to our dentist in 77006 regularly and find out what treatment options are available if you start experiencing signs of gum disease.

How Do Deep Cleanings Work and What Do They Do?

Once your gum disease progresses, your gums become inflamed, and the damage spreads beyond just the visible areas of the gum tissue. This is what makes getting rid of gum disease so difficult. Deep pockets inside your gums and gum tissue extends below the teeth. Bacteria, plaque, and tartar can build up in these hard-to-reach areas and make it nearly impossible to get a cleaning without the help of a dentist.

What is the Process of Getting Deep Cleanings?

A deep cleaning, otherwise known as scaling and root planing treatment, is designed to clean out those hard-to-reach areas of the gums. This is to stop gum disease’s progression before it permanently damages your gum tissue, teeth, and jawbone.

The process involves our dentist in Houston using special instruments to clean out the gum pockets below the surface of the teeth and get into all the areas that brushing and flossing won’t reach.

Deep cleaning is much more thorough than a standard cleaning and can take a couple of hours or more to complete. However, by doing this, you can save your gum tissue and teeth from damage and, with proper maintenance, keep gum disease from returning and ruining your whole smile.

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