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Cold Sore Treatment in Houston, TX

Cold Sore Treatment

Cold Sore Treatment

How Cold Sores Affect Your Health?

No one wants to deal with cold sores. These nasty blisters are an eyesore that can appear on your lips and face, but they’re also painful and difficult to deal with. Many people try over-the-counter balms and other medications to relieve the symptoms and treat the cold sore, but they often return multiple times or recur whenever a person is sick or stressed. This is because cold sores are a form of the herpes virus. This means the sores can recur multiple times without relief unless the patient can do something about the virus.

Thankfully our dentist in Houston at Polish Dentistry has a cold sore treatment that will not only treat the sores themselves but help control the virus so that sores are less likely to return and the sores that are removed are cleared up quickly and efficiently with no pain. This treatment is the most effective option for patients with frequent outbreaks or who have tried other methods to control their sores.

How Does a Dentist Treat Cold Sores?

It may be strange to think about a dentist treating cold sores, but they have the technology to handle specific issues around the mouth, like cold sores.

Laser technology is what is used to treat cold sores. Reasons include that a laser is precise enough to treat individual cold sores, but another benefit of using a laser makes it the perfect option for the long-term management of cold sores.

It works because the laser can clear up the blister by removing it from the skin and killing the virus cells underneath while doing minimal damage to the skin underneath. A laser naturally disinfects tissue when used, meaning that it cuts down on the amount of virus in an area of the person’s mouth, thus lowering the rate of recurrence for cold sores in the same place. This makes it easier to treat the blemishes and ensure they don’t return.

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